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With the intent to leave you breathless, Time Equities Inc. and Art-in-Buildings presents a light sculpture by artist Grimanesa Amorós in the atrium of 125 Maiden Lane. The sculpture will remain on display through December with an opening reception tonight at 7pm.


amoros_breathless_06 amoros_breathless_07

This installation includes different sizes of white tubing and various shades of white LEDs. The artist placed a gridded metal truss against the back wall of the marble atrium in response to the soaring windows that dominant the building’s architecture. BREATHLESS MAIDEN LANE gives the sensation of rays of light hurtling toward the viewer.

With this work, Grimanesa Amorós continues to explore her fascination with the intersections of light, sculpture, abstraction, and landscape.


The sculpture’s light sequence will shift and change as the viewer walks around its architectural complexity. The concept of BREATHLESS MAIDEN LANE is to allow the viewers to feel a sense of wonderment and awe.

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  1. Thank you for your support!

  2. Jennie Stein says:

    Beautiful, gotta see it.

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