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Graffiti sticker wallpaper @ Ace Hotel

We’re so sad to hear of the passing of the Ace Hotel’s founder, Alex Calderwood!

Since the early 90s, my buddy Michael Anderson has collected graffiti stickers off of New York’s streets. And now, Ace Hotel has used Anderson’s collection to create an incredible wallpaper of his collection of 40,000, which include artists such as Steve “Espo” Powers, Barry “Twist” McGee and Shepard Fairey. The wallpaper, which is printed on silk paper, can be found in the grand stairways in the library- like lobby bar. The collection itself can be thought of as controversial, as many artists frown upon having their stickers “poached,” and in this case subsequently capitalized upon. Others believe that by collecting the stickers, they are preserving an otherwise ephemeral culture. This is also the subject of a coffee table book by my friend DB Burkeman which is available here.

The hotel itself is as artsy as can be. Rooms are outfitted with record players, some with guitars- guests can retrieve needles and strings at the front desk. The hotel also commissioned Shepard Fairey for a custom piece, and even offered a package to coincide with his May 1st opening at Deitch Gallery. The hotel also features a Rudy’s Barber Shop, elegant lobby bar/café, and the Breslin, a meat-heavy restaurant by Spotted Pig owners, that is named after the building’s original tenant, The Breslin Hotel.


Who: Michael Anderson

What: Graffiti sticker wallpaper

Where: Ace Hotel, 20 W. 29th Street, New York, NY 10001

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