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Gracie Mansion Gallery site

The artistic spirit of the East Village of the 1980s was one I dream about, and live through movies like “Downtown 81”, “Slaves of New York” and modern period movies such as “Basquiat” and “I Shot Andy Warhol.” It was a the epicenter of self expression in art, a bohemian enclave of artists and art galleries with the attitude of reinvention, innovation and anything goes….

One such seminal art gallery of the East Village era was Gracie Mansion Gallery, on the once former punk rock St. Mark’s Street. Born Anne Mayhew-Young, art dealer renamed herself Gracie Mansion, after New York City’s mayoral residence. The gallery took on many forms, from Mansion’s bathroom called the Loo Division, to various apartments, until settling on St. Mark’s. Gracie Mansion herself was a total innovator. Unable to find galleries interested in her or her friends’ work, she decided to open a gallery on her own, first famously breaking into the scene by staging the “Limo Show.” With artists Buster Cleveland and Sur, she rented a limo and parked in the SoHo art district at Spring and West Broadway, bedecked as tourists and serving champagne to passersby while pitching her friends’ art. She then launched exhibitions that would be come to define East Village art.

Gracie Mansion gallery has had several locations, including 337 E. 10th St., and in 1987 to 532 Broadway.

Who: Gracie Mansion Gallery Site

What: Seminal East Village Gallery

Where: 15 St. Mark’s Place

4 Responses to “Gracie Mansion Gallery site”
  1. nerd says:

    Dear author
    Please make this correction: St. Marls Place not St. Marks Street. Was that difficult?

  2. sara says:

    She was JoAnne Mayhew when she rode the school bus with me in Penn Hills, PA. I believe Young must be part of a married name.

  3. Please show respect: Sur Rodney Sur at all times, unless you are an intimate friend

  4. Am wondering about the address you listed. I purchased at least one work of art from the gallery, and quite possibly a few, in the 1980s when I was living in NYC. I have a Gracie Mansion printed business card that lists 54 St. Marks Place as the address.

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