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Get your tix for the Urban Glass Gala After Party!

I’m so excited to be on the After Party committee for Urban Glass’s 2018 Gala, taking place Wednesday, May 9 from 9-11pm. Please join us for a fabulous evening in UrbanGlass’ stunning 17,000 square foot studios! Enjoy desserts, drinks and GAMENIGHT, a performance by James Akers, featuring a team of artists using molten glass to curl, play lacrosse and other fantastic feats before your eyes!

Grab your tix now- they are only $100!


Rebekah Bowling
Alexandra Cunningham Cameron
Austin Fremont
Alex Gilbert
Ashlee Harrison
Catherine Henry
Victoria Hood
Natalie Kates
Vajra Kingsley
Amanda Uribe
Sam Vinz & Claire Warner
Osman Can Yerebakan
Lori Zimmer

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