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Get Arthletic for Tonight’s Openings

So tonight is gonna be crazy, you’d better study up to make sure you hit all the good openings. Here are a few picks that you can find us at tonight!


1. Because it sounds fucking weird George Brecht, George Maciunas, Yoko Ono “Anti-Film / Anti-Art” at George Maciunas / Fluxus Foundation
19 street: 454 W 19th St, 6-8pm

2. A massive group show including Basquiat and Shirin Neshat-“Calligraffiti: 1984/2013” at Leila Heller Gallery 25 street: 568 West 25th Street, 5:30-8:30pm

3. James Cohan can do no wrong in our eyes- Alison Elizabeth Taylor “Surface Tension” at James Cohan Gallery 26 street: 533 W 26 street

4. A bunch of our faves including Allison Sommers and Vahge Young, curated by Samantha Levin “Peripeteia” curated by Samantha Levin and Allison Sommers at Anagnorisis Art Project 29 street: 538 W 29 street, 2nd Floor, 6-9pm

5. Because we remember Andrew Schoultz from back in the day- Andrew Schoultz “New Work” at Morgan Lehman Gallery 22 street: 535 W 22 street, floor 6, 6-8pm

After that we’ll probably be arted out, and you can find us for cheap margaritas at Tequila Chito’s. (for real)

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