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George Bellows’ House

Across from the House of Fantasy, lived the great New York painter, George Bellows. From 1910 to 1925, Bellows lived in the townhouse, and worked in a studio in the attic.East 19th Street was a miniature artist enclave in the early 1900s. Aside from Robert Winthrop Chanler, other residents included Ethel Barrymore, Helen Hayes and occasionally F. Scott Fitzgerald. The block was transformed into unique arty facades, complete with eclectic stained glass and tiles largely by architect Frederick Sterner.

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It was here that Bellows developed his signature paintings depicting the harshness of city life, showing both the struggles of the working class and ease of the upper class within New York. Bellows went on the become more known for his paintings of amateur fighting.


Who: George Bellows

What: Residence

Where: 146 East 19th Street, 10003

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  1. 19th St was an artists enclave in the early 1900s, incl the residence of George Bellows, who captured the grit of NYC

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