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Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia is Nearing Completion! (sorta)

I love the Sagrada Familia- and all of Barcelona for that matter- as well as Gaudi. After over 100 years, it is finally nearing completion. Gaudi would be proud- he died possibly from pure snobbery at 73. He was walking from prayer likely to the Sagrada Familia site in 1926, when he was hit by a trolley. Because he was modest and wore shabby clothing, he was pretty much ignored at the hospital until recognized the next day as Barcelona’s most important architect. He died shortly after from not receiving care in time. Jerks.


From an article I wrote for Inhabitat:

Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia Basilica has been visited by millions of tourists since construction began in 1882 – and it hasn’t been finished since. Now, the Sagrada Familia Foundation has released a video that shows the world what Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece will look like when it is finally completed in 2026. The project will be completed in accordance with the original design, and it is being overseen by architect Jordi Bonet, who is the son of an architect who worked with Gaudi. Read on to learn how Bonet is using 3D scanning to accelerate the design process.

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