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Full Site to Lauch in 2012!

Hi Friends!

We apologize for the lack of presence on the Art Nerd New York tumblr page as it was put on hold while we gear up for the big next step.

First, this is the new beta site that went live on December 1st, 2011…the rest of the site will go live by February 2012 which is our new year’s present to all you art nerds out there!

Secondly, a miniature ArtNerd New York booklet has been put together for the Scope Miami 2011 Art Fair promoting this site! A copy will be in each of their 500 VIP tote bags, and Lori will be handing out more at the various Miami fairs. Can’t wait!

We’ll keep you updated on more sites and good art nerdery soon!

Thanks for following!


Lori Zimmer

Head Nerd

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