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From Pakistan to Philly – Summaiya Jillani Leaves Her Mark




During the month of December, Pakistani Artist, Summaiya Jillani collaborated with HAHAxParadigm to bring her works, rich in color and culture, outside of a gallery setting for the first time.

Pop icons are a fluent theme in Jillani’s work that calls attention to a wide range of cultural perceptions of Western Influence. Her most recognizable painting to-date is “Baar baar dekho, hazaar baar dekho”, a depiction of Marilyn Monroe dressed up in traditional Pakistani attire.  That and others were recreated as a series of prints that were signed by Jillani and spread around downtown Philly.

Jillani is the second Artist in Residence for the Philadelphia based Community Arts program, HAHAxParadigm, who invites artists from around the world to visit Philadelphia and have a active share in their hands-on dialogue about the power of public art.

made in pakistan


“I personally love public art more than any other type of art. My reasons are simple because that way it doesn’t remain exclusive, which I believe is not the actual purpose of art or any other mode of expression.” – Summaiya Jillani


Disclaimer: G. Rudolph is currently the co-founder of HAHAxPARADIGM.

*Top photo credit:  Conrad Benner/StreetsDept. All other photos were taken by: Jason Chen.

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