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Found: Dan Baldwin and the Age of Innocence, Lost





Find yourself in the Meatpacking district this Thurs Oct 23 to check out Dan Baldwin‘s first solo show in New York–you won’t be disappointed. Dan’s imaginative work comes to life in all forms for Age of Innocence, from works on paper to bronze sculpture. In partnership with PMM Art Projects, home of iconic street artist D*face, Dan showcases his latest series of work revealing the more tortured side of childhood. Bringing realistic images into the realm of the abstract, his cotton candy color palette combined with heavy outlines make for a surreal and sinister show.

Dan blurs the line between real and abstract, literally, when he throws ephemera like kid shoes and a teething toy into the mix. Drawing from the powerful realm of personal memory, these items are either from his own childhood or those close to him. Thus Age of Innocence speaks to the hidden side of childhood overall while remaining personal to his own experience in a vital way. The works remain stylistically postmodern while drawing from a vocabulary of potent symbols that reference the still life genre and mortality from classical vanitas paintings. The clever juxtapositions in the work are fresh and relevant, communicating to a wide audience. Dan’s shown at art fairs and exhibits worldwide and his work is currently featured on the #1 single by Scottish singer Paola Nutini, SCREAM. Age of Innocence is on view at 446 W 14th Street until Nov 2.

14-Dan Baldwin FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN 2014

Dan Baldwin FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN (2014)

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