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Forrest Myers- The Wall

Look up. See those steel blue bars sticking out of that building? That is “The Wall” by Forrest Myers, which was commissioned in 1973 by the building’s owner to cover architectural scars- and became known as the “Gateway to Soho”, before it was the commercial hub it is today. Since 1997, it has caused a lot of controversy between the owners and the state. The owners claimed the piece was causing leaks in the building, but really wanted to use the giant- and heavily trafficked- space for giant billboards.

Forrest-Myers-Wall Forrest-Myers-WallFeature

The piece was taken down during building repairs in 2002, but remained in storage even after the construction was over. Since the building is in a district that confers landmark status to everything within it, the sculpture became the subject of a federal lawsuit that Mr. Myers filed in 1997, which he lost in 2005. After a temporary removal, subsequent lawsuits and incredible community support, in 2007 a compromise was finally made. The piece was moved up 18 feet, and advertising space near the ground level was installed. The original pieces were damaged, so new ones were made under the supervision of the artist, who, then at 65, was overjoyed. He coyly said if a film was made about the piece, he hoped Brad Pitt would play him.

The owners estimate that without the piece, the wall could generate upwards of $600,000 a year in ad space…

WhoForrest Myers

What: The Wall

Where: 559 Broadway at Houston

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    Forrest Myers- The Wall via @artnerdnewyork

  4. Ever wonder what those blue beams above the line of advertisements are on Houston and Broadway?

  5. Ever wonder what those blue beams above the line of advertisements are on Houston and Broadway in Soho? @ArtNerdNewYork

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