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Flux-Hall Fluxus Shop

Inspired by John Cage’s experimental music of the 1950s and of the disdain for the bourgeois art world, the anti-art movement of Fluxus was born. The Fluxus art movement was lead by George Macuinas, and included artists like George Brecht, Yoko Ono, Joseph Beuys and Nam June Paik. Combining visual art, performance, poetry, experimental music and film, Fluxus was similar to Dada, and had a serious problem with serious modern art. So many modern artists derive their ideas from this movement and probably don’t even realize it- from David Ellis’ kinetic sculptures, to most interactive performance art I’ve seen out there, Fluxus thought of it first, and 50 years ago.

The movement was represented in Dussledorf and here in New York. In 1963, Macuinas opened the tiny Flux-Hall, a space in Chinatown that housed various Fluxus performances nightly. It was also a sort of pop up shop, selling many of the Fluxus artist’s pieces informally like a retail space, and not like  a stuffy gallery. It was open regular hours like a shop, and had a satellite mail-order only location in Germany. The epitome of the movement, Fluxus boxes and Flux-Kits, were available at the shop. They were compartmentalized boxes containing cards and objects designed and assembled by artists, meant for any user from any walk of life to be able to use and enjoy, without any prior art knowledge.

I’m totally inspired by the Fluxus movement, and feel we have a lot in common. My motivation for Art Nerd, and much of my writing, is to remove the stuffiness from art, and make everyone feel welcome, while still participating in art, even if they don’t realize it.

Who:  George Macuinas

What: Flux-Hall and Fluxus Shop

Where: 359 Canal Street

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  1. just so you know says:

    At 16 Greene Street there is a plaque about it being the original location of the FLUXUS House. I believe George Machines lived there.

  2. CurtisLize says:


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