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Fashion Moda

During the time that John and Charlie Ahearn were making art amongst the neighborhoods in the South Bronx, Stefan Eins opened up Fashion Moda Gallery. As many galleries in the Lower East Side did, Fashion Moda was experimental- and openly mixed genres and movements. Artists like Keith Haring, David Wojnarowicz, Jane Dickson, Jenny Holzer, Kenny Scharf, Ahearn and Daze all showed there.

With its similarities to movements going on more south, Eins partnered with art collective Colab, putting on the infamous Times Square Show in 1080, and Now Gallery, which showed uptown graffiti to the downtown scene (an actual big deal pre-internet!)

The exterior was painted by Crash, and the gallery itself was largely present during the evolution of hip hop.

Although gone since 1993, the awesome Stefan Eins is still around the New York scene. I had the pleasure if hearing him speak at a Fashion Moda related panel discussion at No Longer Empty’s This side of Paradise exhibition at the Bronx’s abandoned Andrew Freedman home. Films were also screened by Jane Dickson, Charlie Ahearn and Henry Chalfant, from the Fashion Moda era.

What: Fashion Moda Gallery site

Where: 2803 Third Avenue, Bronx,NY 10455

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