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Ezra Wube’s Midnight Moment- Get Yourself to Times Square

Midnight Moment is back! I love that the Times Square Arts has been featuring projects lately that feel like what its like to be a New Yorker- and how the simplest thing such as commuting can be a crazy journey. Ezra Wube’s pieces launches tonight, taking over the screens in Times Square, letting art supersede advertising- if even for only 3 minutes.
I wouldn’t suggest going to Times Square on a Friday night, but a weekday can be an otherworldly experience that most New Yorkers avoid. Before the Midnight Moment, fully indulge in the Times Square experience and grab a drink at The View lounge at the Marriott that overlooks the bright lights.

New York, N.Y.) November 1, 2013 –– For this month’s “Midnight Moment,” Ethiopian-born artist Ezra Wube shares his version of the New York City commuter experience through his hand-painted animation, At the Same Moment. To create this compelling, dynamic video, Wube painted scenes of his daily journey to work from memory and then photographed them. Each frame was painted on top of the previous one, each scene triggering the following scene.

Wube’s work will premiere just before midnight on November 1st and play every night throughout November from 11:57 p.m. – midnight.  The “Midnight Moment,” a presentation of the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts, is a synchronized program on over fifteen of the largest digital signs in Times Square.

Ezra Wube said: “In my work I am interested in exploring time, place, and memory through the everyday experience. By refusing a concrete representation, I have found the freedom to make art that is consistent with the flux of my life.”

Fred Rosenberg, Acting Chairman of the Times Square Advertising Coalition, said: “We’re thrilled to bring Ezra Wube’s paintings to life on the screens of Times Square as part of November’s Midnight Moment. New Yorkers and visitors will surely enjoy this film as it captures the energy and essence of the never static New York City.”

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