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Erwin Olaf’s Haunting Photos at Park Avenue Armory

I’m looking forward to checking out a special exhibition by photographer Erwin Olaf this weekend at the GORGEOUS Park Avenue Armory in conjunction with AIPAD. The best part- the show, which is in the library room, is open to the public, and those without AIPAD tickets. I’ll be there tomorrow around noon- join me?


To honor the 120th anniversary of Alphonse Mucha’s design–the first artist that Ruinart ever commissioned–Olaf has re-interpreted Mucha’s signature style and has taken it one step further by creating a series of 26 black and white photos that were taken in Ruinart cellars in Reim, France. The exhibition itself is set up to be an immersive experience, mimicking the feel and darkness of the Ruinart caverns, and this series notably marks a departure from his traditional human portraits.
Shot with his Hasselblad camera, the photographs reveal a hidden archeology of the human spirit—drawings and figures etched on the cave’s walls by workers—and natural transformations wrought by time and moisture. In the same vein that Mucha’s poster revealed the spirit of fin-de-siecle Paris, Olaf’s photographs pay tribute to artifacts of the past with an edgy twenty-first century perspective.
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