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Edward Hopper’s Upstate Art Center

Edward Hopper lived most of his life at 3 Washington Square North, but he grew up a short drive Upstate in Nyack. His sister Marion stayed in his childhood home, built in 1858, where he visited often after moving to Manhattan in 1910. After Marion died in 1965, the house fell into disrepair until locals decided to preserve it as a tribute to Hopper.


Hopper’s childhood home is now the Edward Hopper Art Center, a non-profit arts center and National Landmark since 1971. The ground floor hosts rotating contemporary art exhibitions, while another gallery has a permanent collection of rare early works by Hopper, as well as memorabilia from his childhood. The center also has lectures and special events, but the trip Upstate is a must-see for Hopper fans.


Who: Edward Hopper

What: Edward Hopper Art Center

Where: 82 North Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960

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