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Edward Hopper Seemed Like a Dud


Edward Hopper seemed like a total Debbie Downer. All throughout his life, his depression and negative attitude would make on think he’d never been successful. Yet despite his ‘tude, he finally found success. He loathed having to work for a living, making money doing illustration instead of “real art.” He was known to sit for days in front of an empty canvas, stuck without inspiration. All this negativity didn’t falter his career, he finally gained recognition in 1923, married his muse, and sold a bunch of paintings to museums during the Depression. He painted the famous Nighthawks in 1942.


He and his wife, both introverts, lived in homes in Cape Cod and this studio in Washington Square Park, which is part of NYU, from 1913-1967, until he died. The top floor studio was modest to say the least, with no heat and no private bath. Hopper wanted to live there because he was told his hero, painter Thomas Eakins, had painted there. Hopper’s wife Josephine gave his entire collection to the Whitney Museum, before dying herself 10 months later.



NYU occasionally has open house tours of Hopper’s partially preserved space.

Who: Edward Hopper

What: Residence

Where: 3 Washington Square North

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  1. From one Debbie Downer to another, now I begin to my fascination with his work.

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