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Dwell on Design this week!

There’s so much going on for Dwell on Design this week! Be sure to check out two panels held this friday, moderated by our friend Matthew Keeshin (@MTHWKSHN) from Dwell-


Friday, May 13th from 11:50am–12:20pm
Civic Architecture and Access for the People
Richard Olcott and Todd Schliemann, design partners of global architecture firm Ennead Architects, join Gregory Wessner, executive director of Open House New York, to discuss the importance of integrating civic buildings into the public realm, and the role of design as a catalyst for change.

Driverless Cars and the Future of Green Space
While the race to the autonomous car has captured our attention, most people have no concept of how dramatically these driverless cars will impact our day-to-day life. Kinder Baumgardner, president of SWA Group, an award-winning architecture, landscape design, and planning firm, and Erick Guerra, assistant professor in City and Regional Planning at the University of Pennsylvania, will share their vision of the most dramatic shifts to occur in our cities and suburbs within the next century.

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