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Diva in the Subway

Gleaming in a gold dress with red hair, could it be…me? No, silly! Deep in the subway station of the 1 train at West 66th Street, aka Lincoln Center, are a myriad of mosaics, by the late artists/feminist/activist Nancy Spero. Called Artemis, Acrobats, Divas and Dancers, the glass mosaics depict theater, orchestra and performers from the Lincoln Center.

But really, the Pièce de résistance  is the diva in gold, who looks a lot like something Florence and the Machine would wear, but I’d like to pretend it looks more like something I’d wear.

Spero, who left us in 2009, was a feminist artist whose work addressed political, social and economical concerns. She was also a founding member of A.I.R. Gallery in Soho.

Who: Nancy Spero

What: Artemis, Acrobats, Divas and Dancers mosaic

Where: 1 train, West 66th Stop


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  1. Gold Lamé in the subway? oh hey! Love this mosaic installation by the late Nancy Spero @ArtsforTransit @ArtNerdNewYork

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