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Disco, Italy, Heroin and Incest- La Luna tonight!

Tonight experience the rich disco-era Italy in Bernardo Bertolucci’s gorgeous La Luna, screening at the Anthology Film Archives at 7pm at 32 2nd Ave. It has everything you need for a Monday- Oedipal drama (yes you read that correctly), late 70s fashions, an opera diva, and a heroin-addicted 13 year old. YES! Monday! Organized by the veritable David Savage. Get tix online here.


Life imitates opera in Bernardo Bertolucci’s Oedipal melodrama, set in disco-era Rome. An American opera diva (Clayburgh) moves to Italy with her troubled adolescent son Joe (Matthew Barry) after the sudden death of her husband, the boy’s presumed father. While celebrating Joe’s thirteenth birthday, she discovers he’s developed a heroin habit and has fallen in with a rough crowd. As her attempts to rescue him take a disturbing turn, from smothering affection to incest, mother and son escape Rome on a journey through Italy to find Joe’s real father.

7 Responses to “Disco, Italy, Heroin and Incest- La Luna tonight!”
  1. Richard , can we go and see this tonight?

  2. Richard Stenz – I adore you.

  3. PS:- couldn’t get a flight from Australia to get me there in time… i’ll be with you soon though- Richard. <3

  4. I know you will. I love you Kelly.

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