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Desperately Seeking Madonna

Uh. Desperately Seeking Susan is my favorite movie ever- especially that era of Madonna. This exhibition of Richard Corman photos of her Madgesty are not to be missed- check it out at their 15th street space starting Friday. Ah, when she had her own face.



One Response to “Desperately Seeking Madonna”
  1. Madonnafane says:

    Um, those chastising Madonna for her sexuality as a woman over 50.. Um, apparently you haven’t watched hard core porn. Plenty of hot milfs and gilf. Is it odd, yes, is it kinky, yes, but not so in Europe wheere you find plenty of young studs wanting to get down with people her age. quite being so seixt. She propaby kows more about how to please a man then most 20 years old. Not saying it’s moral, but unless your’e religious and have a personal conviction this is bad, then shut up hipocrite. This woman puts most 20 year old dead fishes in bed to shame.

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