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Designer Creates Furniture that resembles Scribbles



Japanese designer Daigo Fukawa just released his series of furniture called “Rough Sketch Products” as his senior thesis exhibition at Tokyo University of the Arts. 

Made from bent wire and photographed with a perfectly blank background, his contemporary chairs and benches look like they’ve just been transferred directly from his sketchbook to reality.

You could seriously design a room to look like you stepped right into a Cy Twombly painting with these pieces. Talk about living with art… only i’m not sure you won’t wind up with wire indents on your butt.





3 Responses to “Designer Creates Furniture that resembles Scribbles”
  1. Ben Tang says:

    OMG, I thought it was just Photoshop.

  2. You lead me to such interesting stuff Ben! thanks

  3. They also look like they’d give you a good poke in the eye

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