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DeMedici’s Butt- Caffe Reggio

Treat your ass like a DeMedici! Unless you go to NYU, most New Yorkers avoid the cheesiness that has become MacDougal Street. Most of the bars have built in beer pong tables, and you can get a giant glass bong at a variety of shops. But the former Beat writer street has one historic gem- Caffe Reggio, whose still working historic cappuccino maker was made in 1902. Since 1927, artists and writer types (and now mostly tourists and students) have sat in the cozy Italian cafe, probably never realizing that the bench beneath them was from a Pallazzo from uber-famous Italian patrons of the arts from the Renaissance- the deMedici family! And thats not all- the painting on the back wall is from the School of Caravaggio- dating from the 16th Century!


Trendy and tacky as the street has become, Cafe Reggio is a must see, and glimpse into old New York. Where else can you have a cappuccino from the actual machine that started it all (eat your heart out Starbucks), be within spitting distance of an Old Master (well from one of his students) painting, and rub your ass on the same place that a deMedici rubbed his or her ass 500 years ago?

Not to mention a lot of other cool historical stuff happened there, like Kennedy gave a speech in the front of the cafe, the Godfather II (and a lot of other movies) was filmed there, and Kerouac and his cronies hung out (when not drinking of course).


What: School of Caravaggio Painting, deMedici bench

Where: Caffe Reggio, 119 MacDougal Street, 10012


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  1. Where else in NYC can you put your butt where a deMedici once put their butt? Only @caffereggionyc! @artnerdnewyork

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