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Dealing With Things Is Tricky

Tomorrow, check out Frank Ape, the main subject of Brandon Sines second solo show. Specials on C, a bodega turned gallery, will host the funny images that have become synonymous with the simple ape that quickly rose to become a street art icon.



New York based artist, Brandon Sines, will be hosting his new art show Dealing With Things Is Tricky at Specials on C, a vacated bodega in Alphabet City on May 3rd, 2014. Dealing With Things Is Tricky is Sines’ second solo show and his most ambitious work to date. The main subject of Dealing With Things Is Tricky will be Sines’ hairy, unkempt street denizen character known as Frank Ape. New Yorkers may have met Frank wheat pasted, stickered or painted on the streets of the city that never sleeps, providing unsolicited culinary advice, or impersonating celebrities.



Dealing With Things Is Tricky is a total emersion into the world of Frank Ape. Drawings, paintings, and mixed-media pieces tap into the American zeitgeist, taking inspiration from contemporary pop culture, celebrity, and iconic movie and music imagery. Sines also incorporates his street art techniques onto the old corner store surfaces; wheat pastes, stickers and paintings normally seen on the streets of New York City cover the walls. A throw back to the foods once sold at the corner store, Frank Ape brand drinks and canned items are on display. Entertaining animations of Frank are projected on the walls while epic 80’s tunes pump over the sound system. The whole show resonates with anyone who has grown up in the 80’s and 90’s while old school New Yorkers will pick up on the subtle nod to a previous, slightly coarser Alphabet City.


Specials on C is an old refurbished bodega turned artistic event space in Alphabet City. A run of the mill corner store up until Sandy inundated its shelves with the contents of the East River, Specials on C hasn’t lost its pre-flood feel; the original store’s deli counter and much of the shelving remain.

“The space still very clearly has the vibe of an old, neighborhood bodega, but because of the location and recent past events held there, there’s a strong art-for-the-community vibe. It’s not a high end gallery in Chelsea, it’s the local corner store. This makes experiencing art and taking a piece of the show home with you much more accessible,” says Sines. “This is my first solo show since January 2013, so picking the right place was important. So many generations of artists have been apart of this community – I’m honored to be a part of that history.”


Dealing With Things Is Tricky will launch with an opening on May 3rd  from 7-10 pm and will be on view daily, by appointment through May 6th, 2014 at 195 Ave. C at 12th St, New York.



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