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Creatives Rising

creatives rising

What a night for an international gathering of creativity in Long Island City.

This past Saturday evening over 3,000 creatives, artists, and like-minded trend setters gathered in Long Island City to celebrate a digital display of over 5,000 images of artwork from the online, global See.Me campaign #CreativesRising. The images were projected from the roof of the See.Me gallery into Linc LIC, a new 42-story residential building in Long Island City. It was six hours untouched and unrivaled: possibly the largest digital mapping ever attempted in New York, able to be seen from all corners of the city.


The evening was a celebration of creativity with a series of events taking place in and around the See.Me headquarters in Long Island City.  Viewing took place across from Linc LIC, at “The Rockrose Lot” with an assortment of LIC foodies and name New York restaurants selling goodies all evening. The viewing and evening as a whole could not have happened without the generosity of Rockrose Development Corp., an amazing supporter of the arts in New York.

See.Me also opened the doors of it’s gallery, located at 26-19 Jackson Avenue, for up-close viewing of the #creativesrising campaign and live music throughout the evening. Directly next door at 26-15 Jackson Avenue See.Me, in partnership with Contaminate NYC, See.Me presented “The Seeds that Release” by Taxiplasm and Joseph Grazi: an interactive installation where two figures are bound together, enshrined by a dome of web. Audience members were invited to play God to the situation and sever their ties over the course of four hours, evolving the space from an art installation into an all night after-party headlined by DJ Nutritious of Spin Spin NYC.

NOTE *** See.Me ( an online, international creative community with over 850,000 global members. The evening of October 5, 2013 was the  official celebration of its summer long, global campaign #CreativesRising. With members from nearly every country in the world, See.Me is the premier online location for creatives of all kinds.

With over 200,000 participants,Awarding $25,000 and a $1.2 Million New York City Apartment to one select participant #CreativesRising is one of the largest creative focused campaigns ever.

Special thanks to Rockrose Development Corp. and Brooklyn Brewery, as well as the following sponsors :  Timeout, SoundCloud, okayplayer, SCOPE Art Show, ModernSpaces, Contaminate NYC, Societe Perrier, Guest of a Guest, Square Wine&Spirits, and community support from the LIC Partnership.


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