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Creative Time x Domino Sugar

Liberation and I attended Creative Time‘s annual gala on Tuesday- this year honoring Julian Schnabel, and more excitingly at the abandoned Domino Sugar Refinery on Williamsburg. They’re going to turn the place into affordable/mixed use housing eventually, but it was SUCH a treat to get to see the insides before the gut renovation. The walls are still dripping with burned sugar of varying degrees- the art nerd in me of course likened it to a giant living Anslem Kiefer piece. I gotta give HUGE kudos to Creative Time for having the best location for a gala I have EVER been to (lots of capitalizations here..) and the Domino Sugar/Creative Time sign added an awesome touch. The evening was spent first with cocktails in the sun on the East River waterfront. I’ll spare you the namedropping (you can read that somewhere else) but WILL say the food was wonderful and the champagne even better (my entire day hang over proves that). I feel super lucky to have had a chance to explore the cavernous space before its transformed into another cookie cutter apartment building that I’ll likely hate in the near future.

Did I mention I love gala season?

(pics by me and Liberation)

creative-time-schnabel-domino-1 creative-time-schnabel-domino-2 creative-time-schnabel-domino-3 creative-time-schnabel-domino-4 creative-time-schnabel-domino-5 creative-time-schnabel-domino-6 creative-time-schnabel-domino-7 creative-time-schnabel-domino-8 creative-time-schnabel-domino-9 creative-time-schnabel-domino-10 creative-time-schnabel-domino-11 creative-time-schnabel-domino-12


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