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Constructed, Collaged, Combined & Congruent at Galerie Protégé

We love us some Katya Grokhovsky, check her out in this incredible group show at Galerie Protégé at 197 Ninth Ave on February 6 from 6-8 pm.


Galerie Protégé is pleased to present Constructed, Collaged, Combined & Congruent with works by Sarah Anderson, Irina Arnaut, Ricardo Arango, Liliana Gao, Dana Gentile, Katya Grokhovsky, Kristina Horne, Kathleen Kohl, Jason Metcalf, Amanda Pohan, Morgan Palmer, Allison Rowe, and Mike Rubin.

The traditional idea of what constitutes sculpture is a three dimensional object that can support itself by standing. When Robert Rauschenberg started making Combines, the accepted definition began to shift to a notionof assemblage.

Constructed, Collaged, Combined, & Congruent highlights assemblage of 13 contemporary artists. The works in the exhibition are both digital and analogue, two and three-dimensional, and run the gamut from traditional to conceptual. Objects in the show are both formal, using materials such as wood and metal, to exceptionally theoretical, with the collection of one’s heartbeat converted into a liquid contained in small glass vials.

Sculpture in 2014 is becoming an increasingly complex medium. The emerging artists in Constructed, Collaged, Combined, & Congruent emphasize the multifaceted nature of sculpture by exploring many avenues of what it can mean.

Running concurrent with Constructed, Collaged, Combined, & Congruent, is a display of works on paper by gallery artists Paul Thomas, Steve McKenzie and Jesse Pasca in our showroom upstairs.

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