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Confucius Bronze

I do love Chinatown. As smelly, and crowded it is, with fish being thrown everywhere and who knows what you just stepped in (NEVER wear opened toed shoes), it makes me feel like I’ve gone on a little vacation. I stock up on frozen veggie steamed buns, cheap bok choy and weird cookies at Hong Kong Super Market on Hester. I love to take friends for a $1 treat- green tea waffles at Paris Sandwich on Mott above Canal. And the dumplings! Everywhere dumplings.

Chinese Americans have been living here for years, selling tourists knock off hand bags, while feverishly preserving their native culture.

Situated in front of the first tower apartment complex constructed for Chinese use is the 15 foot bronze statue of Chinese Philosopher Confucius, sculpted by Liu Shih. Patrons of all nationalities can constantly be found meditating around the sculpture, which is somehow a place of serenity in the intense bustle of Chinatown.

Who: Liu Shih

What: Confucius Bronze

Where: Confucius Plaza, 33 Bowery, New York, NY 10002

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