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HOLY crap- CHERYL are five years old. That’s nuts! To celebrate, their next fiesta is ON A BOAT LIKE LEO!!! And the theme is Old, Wet and Scary. God I love these kids. Get your tix now because that boat only fits 200 partiers. SATURDAY!



CHERYL is now five years old. That’s 35 in cat years and 475 in nightlife years.

Sorry we didn’t tell you earlier, but we were lost at sea for many months, and we’re only now returning to New York. We have scurvy and hair loss, among other unclassifiable ailments. Fake blood and glitter are caked into our hair extensions. Our skin glistens with salt. We definitely do NOT look pretty, but hey, it was our prerogative to ruin our own lives and the side effects are gross.

Presently we, as CHERYL, are excelling at being a clan of broke nomads wandering the planet, and crossing oceans searching for our lost home of the Isle of Go Go–which we may never find–but that’s okay, because we have each other… except Destiny, who we seemed to have lost at sea around 1000 leagues ago (in other words, we left her in Europe. We hear she’s working the night shift at McDonalds somewhere in the UK – she’ll be Skyping in to this party).

But down to business. We are five. We are back from our longest tour yet. It was fun. We’ve missed you and we want to see you ASAP. WE HAVE A BOAT THAT FITS 200 PEOPLE WITH YOUR NAME ON IT.

On August 17, 2013, join CHERYL for a boat cruise / dance party birthday explosion. This boat has shelter and will happen rain or shine. DJ Nick spins tunes inspired by water, life, and people, with hints of euphoria, splashes of energy, and DOLLOPS OF DRAMAAAAAA.

Boarding at 11:30 at 23rd St and FDR in Manhattan (Skyport Marina). The boat is called THE HALF MOON, sets sail from 12 midnight until 3am all around Manhattan. If you arrive later than 12 midnight, the boat will already be gone!

Tickets available here:


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