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CHERYL Needs Yo’ Help

YO JERKS! Our favorite performing partiers CHERYL need your help. Some jerkface stole their video camera as their Halloween extravaganza. What the fuck dudes? give it back. and see below:


So while this Halloween event was totally amazing, it is with a heavy heart that we report that someone at the party stole our CHERYL video camera. It was in the small green room to the side of the stage by the lighting tech packed with other tech equipment. There was a security guard posted outside the door all night, but because tons of people ended up getting on and off the stage besides the official performers, there was some traffic in and out of that green room that we didn’t authorize. Without that camera, this means no more CHERYL videos. If anyone has any leads on where our camera snuck off to, we would be greatly appreciative. We would happily accept a camera return, no questions asked, if in some drunken haze someone thought that the camera was theirs and accidentally walked away with it. Things happen, we are understanding. Basically, we just want to be able to keep making videos and art and fun stuff for you guys! We can’t afford new equipment for the foreseeable future and have been using that same camara since late 2009 when we had finally saved enough as a group to purhcase it. Thanks in advance for any help!

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