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CHERYL Hair Party at the Bell House!

YES! After two weeks of CHERYL antics at the Roger Smith Hotel, the party is here- and you’re invited! Make sure to sport your most awesome HAIR inspired creation- no not that hippie musical! I will be there in my crowning glory.  You have two days to get your outfit together- watch the video for hairinspiration! See you at the Bell House on Saturday!

Watch the CHERYL: HAIR video now:

CHERYL: HAIR from CHERYL on Vimeo.

hair1 hair4

What story are you telling with your hair?

Locks, puffs, strands of follicular clay – hair is the medium through which we express ourselves. A lion’s mane or a patchy bald mess, a crimped shit-tangle or a rat-tailed flattop, CHERYL is in awe of your hair situation.


Need inspiration? Think dreadlock combovers, greased buns, feathered bowlcuts, spiked french braids, pomaded peyos, Jennifer Aniston, high-fructose corn rows, and dracula-fades.

*****And by the way, you better give us your best hair-flip goodbye – and we will do an aggro head-turn-and-stare back. Because CHERYL is leaving NYC for the whole summer to conquer Europe through the dual mediums of dance and hair. So get that Silky Jumbo dollar-store weave before they sell out, and head on down to the Bell House.*****

hair2 hair3

DJ sets by:
CHERYL Resident DJ Nick
DJ Fake Money

Photos by Travis Blue

June 22, 2013
11pm to 4am

$10 cover

The Bell House
149 7th St, Brooklyn, NY

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