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CHERYL at Roger Smith Hotel- Curated by Lori Zimmer (ME!)

I told you to look out for my next curatorial project in June- and its here! I’m absolutely THRILLED to be working with my favorite weirdos CHERYL and The Roger Smith Hotel. Leading up to their next epic performance/crazy party, which is themed HAIR, CHERYL will be hanging out in the window at 125 47th Street, making, creating, and performing for the shirts that walk around Midtown. The cumulative project will intersperse a specially created video with the four members of CHERYL, their fans and former collaborators for a totally un-Midtown like experience. Each day will be something new. Stay tuned for some special events like a CHERYL happy hour and other opportunities to hang out, meet, and enjoy their amazingness together.


The Window at 125 in pleased to present the first in The Introducing Series Season 3 introductions. In keeping with The Series’ recurrent objective of introducing artists Lori Zimmer, founder of Art Nerd, was asked to select an artist/s that she would like to champion, she chose CHERYL.

For 2 weeks the artist collective CHERYL will use the Window as a mini studio with the intention of revealing the artists’ working process to midtown’s habitual passersby and to an online audience.

On CHERYL, by Lori Zimmer:

“Choosing CHERYL for the windows at Roger Smith Hotel was a total no-brainer for me. I first became a CHERYLITE when they were hand-printing totes at the PS1 Book Fair, which quickly led to attending one of their parties. It was like nothing I’d experience in New York in years, I was sweaty, covered in glitter, and the whole M.O. of the evening was having a blast- like the best party ever minus all the stress that comes with the vanity of the nightlife scene. I began following their performance and video work, and finally stalked them into becoming friendly with me, by doing an interview and photo shoot for Patrick McMullan Magazine. I absolutely love their spirit and boundless creativity, which is a breath of fresh air in a New York, where bohemian ephemera like CBGBs and Mars Bar replacing by banks and glass high rises. To me, CHERYL are a link to the New York that once was, and I can’t think of a better thing to unfold in a window in the heart of Midtown.”

CHERYL is a four-member, semi-anonymous artist collective and band of hand models based in Brooklyn, New York, known for its video art, museum installations, interactive performances and dance parties. CHERYL’s work explores the concepts of mortality, mania, the feline-human connection, the limits of shoulders, the flammability of dollar-store hair extensions, and the staining power of fake blood. Through themes ranging from topical to bizarre, CHERYL revels in the joyous power of dance-induced psychosis/euphoria.

Lori Zimmer is a New York based self-described “art person”- writing, curating, consulting and dabbling in other art world projects to keep things interesting. She has written for ArtSlant, ArtFetch, Ecouterre, Flavorpill, Inhabitat, Patrick McMullan Magazine and White Hot Mag, and is the founder of Art Nerd New York, an off beat art and art history guide to the city that has recently expanded to Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Art Nerd is also beamed to your smartphone, as part of Google’s Field Trip geolocation app. Her most recent curatorial project was “George Hearts Maria,” a group show asking thirty contemporary artists to make piece based on the love story around late 17th Century eye miniatures.

The Introducing Series is a project initiated and co-coordinated by Danika Druttman that creates occasions for emerging artists to be formally introduced by an advocate of their work and champion of their future career. Artists will come from a spectrum of disciplines, including visual artists to performance artists, writers to musicians, filmmakers. The series’ constant is the principle of an introduced artist; the variable element is the appropriately diverse composition of each event. The focus of Season 3 is Process.

The Roger Smith is a family run hotel in Midtown Manhattan. For over 20 years the owners and staff have been committed to shaping and growing a diverse and organic cultural footprint both within the hotel and beyond. With a continued desire to converse and engage with guests, with New York and places further afield, The Roger Smith Hotel’s creative program seeks to create big opportunities, pleasurable experiences, inspiring happenings and intelligent dialogues.

 For more information please contact Danika Druttman on 212.339.2092 or email

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