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Save the Shark(Toof’s Mural) and Party in LA

Party on and help save my friend Shark Toof’s mural in Downtown LA! Plus get some sweet stuff. Donate & Celebrate With Shark Toof & Superchief Gallery Friends, Family, Collectors, […]

Michael Alan’s Living Installations Make Me Feel Alive. A Rambling About New York Today

I left New York for only 3 months this summer, headed to Berlin to finish writing a book in a quieter environment. When I got back at the end of […]

Listen to Lori on Michael Donovan’s Walking Home Podcast

The incredible Michael Donovan is a multi-faceted creative soul mostly known for his impeccable photography had me on his podcast, Walking Home, recently. We talk about the start of Art Nerd, […]

SCOPE’s Driven By Art Contest

Miami time is nearing! We’ll be heading to SCOPE Art Show once again. Enter SCOPE’s latest contest with FIAT to have a chance to get flown to the fair, hotel […]

London Calling: Frieze Week 2014 from Mutual Art

from my latest on MutualArt   The Tower of London surrounded by Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red by Paul Cummins. Courtesy of Historic Royal Palaces. Pack your bags, London is calling! […]

Copyright vs. Copywrong by Addison Thompson

I’ve met many an artist who has had to deal with it: copyright infringement. Just what are artist’s rights? Addison Thompson takes it on for Art Nerd. Rasta hiding in […]

Women in Photo

The world of photography has long been dominated by men throughout history, leaving women’s roles to mostly lie in being the pretty subject. But some inspiring women were holding their […]

“@Large” and Absent, Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz

From my latest on MutualArt With Wind, installation. Photograph by Lori Zimmer. All images courtesy of FOR-SITE Foundation. The United States’ most storied island prison, Alcatraz, is a fitting home for artist […]

What Makes Art Authentic? Addison Thompson on the Getty Kouros

And now for something more scholastic, we invited Addison Thompson to weigh in on the botched authentication of the Kouros at the Getty Museum. What Makes Art Authentic? Franz Boas […]

PHOTOS: Beau Stanton’s Stained Glass is Next Level

Beau Stanton! I am so fucking proud of you! I’ve worked with Beau for a long time, but he has really elevated himself to the next level with his latest […]

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