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The Launch of Curiator

As everything in real life is seemingly moving to the internet, so is art collecting and curating. Curiator just launched, an online platform for collecting and assembling a body of […]


When Portsmouth (UK) based street artist My Dog Sighs said he was working on  The Rusty Alexander , an old double-decker bus that’s being converted into a traveling art gallery by Sculptor Hayley Kendal (Rust […]

Origami Artist Raises a Life Sized Elephant from a Single Sheet of Paper

You may have made origami before but have you ever made a life-sized elephant from a single sheet of paper? I credit origami artist Sipho Mabona with raising my artistic […]

Popular Philly Street Art Blog will Host TEDxWalk for TEDxPhiladelphia

Conrad Brenner, creator of the popular Philadelphia based street art blog, Streets Dept will be hosting a TEDxWalk this Saturday as part of TEDxPhiladelphia 2014. The tour will highlight standout Philadelphia public art […]

Janet Echelman’s Unnumbered Sparks

Janet Echelman and Aaron Koblin’s incredible 745 foot hanging sculpture, Unnumbered Sparks, is a glowing floating string sculpture that recently lit up the sky outside of Vancouver’s Convention Center. Created in conjunction with the […]

VIDEO: Orlan – Carnal Art

Orlan has always fascinated me. She has made herself art- not by removing a scroll from her vagina, sitting in a chair for a real long time, or spending a […]

Creating Art with Bees- Aganetha Dyck

Canadian artist Aganetha Dyck finds an unlikely collaborator with her sculptural pieces, putting honeybees to work as both her muses and fellow artists. The artist places sculptures, porcelain and other […]


Volta Art Fair is quite different from the rest of the fairs. Rather than a mixed bag of artists (by no means am I insinuating that this is a bad […]

La Philie

Chitin Glanz is the title of German artist, Evelyn Bracklow’s first series of work under the title La Philie. Bracklow has been gaining attention around the internet, painting swarms of […]

Logan Hicks X LuvJonez- a Soundtrack for Stencils

LuvJonez created a soundtrack inspired by Logan Hicks’ upcoming Love Never Saved Anything. Its pretty chill, take a listen. DOWNLOAD LINK… Music Inspired By The Logan Hicks Solo Exhibition […]

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