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Arch Nerds Love 6sqft

I know you’re an art nerd, but if you’re an architecture nerd, get over to one of my new gigs, the new architectural website 6sqft. The site celebrates the epic […]

Michael Alan’s Living Installation: Come and Be You.

Sometimes its weird for me to write about art. I mean, it is all an individual experience, supremely personal and interpreted differently by everyone. Some people just don’t get it, […]

Oh, Magritte

I will always be obsessed with Magritte….

Claes Oldenburg’s Lipsticks, Piccadilly Circus

I’ve always loved this collage postcard by Claes Oldenburg, and feel it perfectly portrays the Pop art, sexy, consumerism of the London of the “swinging 60s.” From the artist- ‘For […]

Konstantin Grcic’s TT Pavilion

I have a new design crush- the brooding, bespeckled Konstantin Grcic. I’ve always been a fan, but his spacey TT pavilion for Audi at Design Miami/Basel just does it for […]


  Philly Street Artist, Kid Hazo just trumped the Visit Philly tourism ads with a series of parodies that are hipper, funnier and more in tuned to the city’s vibe. For those not […]

Claire Brewster’s Paper Cut Maps

LOVE! Claire Brewster uses the beauty of topographical maps as her palette to create intricate cut tableaus of nature.

Davy and Kristin McGuire’s Next Level Paper Cuts

Combining papercut dioramas with projected animation, Davy and Kristin McGuire have taken paper art to the next level. Love these narratives!

Logan Hicks and Joe Iurato Named Curators of Forthcoming Urban Arts Museum

I’m so proud of Logan Hicks and Joe Iurato, who will soon be the curators of the forthcoming Mana Museum of Urban Arts! JERSEY CITY, N.J., May 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Mana Contemporary […]

Kid Zoom/Ian Strange Installation Lands Down Under

The 2014 Biennial of Australian Art ended this past Sunday and some spectacular images of art installations have been creeping online. New York based visual artist, Ian Strange’ was commissioned […]

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