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Mondrian Homes!

I saw a very cool mondrian house on Arrested Motion’s Facebook page today and it got me googling. These are art nerd dream homes!!

Lacy Barry’s Papercraft Fashions on Ecouterre

We were loving Lacy Barry on Ecouterre! Artist, set and fashion designer Lacy Barry has the knack for making colorful, fantastical accessories, all out of paper. The Berlin-based Canadian uses […]


Duchamp said it best with his readymade LHOOQ (which if read aloud, in French it sounds like “Elle a chaud au cul”..which pretty much translates to “She has a hot […]

Friends with You FTW

“Rainbow City”

I love the art collective FriendsWithYou — they make me happy. Here’s why:

Michel Gondry’s Mood Indigo

Michel Gondry might as well be the sandman ( in a non-creepy horror film way); his videos are like mini breaks from reality with scenes stolen from hyperactive dreams. He […]

Congrats to Muffinhead! Polka Christ Earrings Rule.

Congrats to our friend Muffinhead! his amazing Polka Christ earrings were featured in ELLE this month! Get yours here! Muffinhead “Polka Christ” Earring Set in Elle Magazine August 2014, with […]

New Shepard Fairey Mural Hits Philly

Philly is pretty darned pleased with its new Shepard Fairey mural.  It’s like a Obey Giant jumbotron in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia. It’s called ‘Lotus Diamond’ and it’s Fairy’s first […]

X-O’s Lost Objects Come to Philly

X-O is on a art tour and it just rolled through Philadelphia. This piece was one of my favorite installs – it’s one of X-O’s Lost Objects pieces. His artwork is […]

Accidental installation

This “accidental art installation” from the renovations of Buffalo’s Hotel Lafayette is so inspiring! Life imitates art?

Laurence Vallieres + Logan Hicks Skull

Check out this awesome collabo between Logan Hicks and Laurence Vallieres! The two recently met during their exhibitions at Colab Gallery (how appropriate) and cooked this up.

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