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So Fly: hip hop and art history

What if Botticelli did his shopping at Hypebeast? Or Picasso listened to Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy during his blue period? Look no further than Fly Art Productions, which […]

Smooches ! Dali and Raquel Welch

Obsessed with this pic of Raquel Welch’s gorgeous bod and of course, Dali. She’s so glamorous it hurts!

NO AD App Replaces Subway Ads with Art

It’s finally here! I had the pleasure of getting a preview of the new NO AD app at the beginning of summer. Its so cool- when you download it and […]

Paridust: Where Fashion meets Art

  Fashion and art are inherently connected, but no one has quite nailed the aesthetics of this beautiful relationship quite like Pari Ehsan. Ehsan is an interior designer by trade […]

Puddle by Kertesz

I have always LOVED this ANDRÉ KERTÉSZ photograph of a puddle in New York reflecting the Empire State Building in 1967. I think it sold for around $6,600 at Phillips- that’s […]

Vimeo Takes Over The L Train

  It’s interesting when someone’s innocently Instagrammed share of their colorful commute to work turns up the volume on a debate over a corporations’ co opting of popular culture. My morning […]

Pierre Huyghe

I remember coming across Pierre Huyghe’s “Les Grands Ensembles” at the Guggenheim years ago, and watching it for the duration of the video (a feat for me). The piece shows […]

Art History Meets IKEA: We love the Ikea b4-XVI tumblr.

We wish we thought of Ikea b4-XVI. Created by @ceciliaazcarate, the art nerdy blog compares Renaissance paintings to current IKEA furnishings. Loving the nerdiness! You’re a clever one, Cecilia.


The Instagram that started it all. I was riffling through the #JeffKoonsRetrospective hashtag when I saw it.  This pic of a tiny little replica of the Koons Play-Doh sculpture housed in […]

William S. Burroughs: Forever Cool Kid

  Thanks to the Ace for sharing these!

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