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Sebastian Errazuriz’s Wave Cabinet Meshes Art and Design with Perfection

I love how Sebastian Errazuriz consistently meshes art and design. This new Wave Cabinet is exactly what I’m talking about!

Lewis Hine – Docu(la)menting America by Lizzie Fisson

The scene opens with a double decker tour bus driving through the lamp lit streets of lower Manhattan, the tour guide’s voice fading as it passes; “This is New York’s […]

Alex Chinneck’s Melting House of Wax

I so wish I could see Alex Chinneck’s gorgeous A pound of flesh for 50p house– made from cast wax bricks in London for the Merge Festival. The house will […]

Halloween Inspiration: Marie-Hélène de Rothschild’s Surrealist Ball

HALLOWEEN INSPIRATION! Why aren’t rich people cool anymore? Check out these amazing photos from a party at French heiress Marie-Hélène de Rothschild‘s chateau in 1972. The invitations were written backwards, and […]

Toynbee Tiles + House of Hades: Words on the Streets

Running into art on the streets is anything but rare these days. Looking down at an intersection in Manhattan and seeing an enigmatic message waiting for you, though, is another […]

Kitajico’s Lush Designs Evoke Early 20th Century Gone Sartorial

  I am instagram-infatuated with illustrator kitajico, a Japan-based artist whose intricate creations combine precisely curved lines and delicate colors. Ranging from geometrical abstraction to detailed portraits, her work blows me […]


A new Invader piece pops up at the Observatory in Ravenna, in Ravennna, Italy.  The large installation piece features the much loved Spock from the Star Trek series and the space […]

Steichen’s New York

In the spirit of the Flatiron Prow Artspace, I wanted to share this gorgeous Gum bichromate over platinum pic of the building in 1904. LOVE!


Singapore design takes the stage in a big way on the international scene this year, emerging with stylishly complex designs capturing feminine luxe mixed with clean, geometric lines. Eight featured designers landed in […]

Singapore Fashion Inspiration: Ong Shunmugam

Last week we had the pleasure of previewing eight Singapore designers at the Jade Hotel in a casual night of sipping Singapore Slings and chatting with designers and models wearing […]

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