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The Speakeasies of New York- Where Locals and Artists Hit the Sauce During Prohibition

Old timey speakeasy style bars have become just as popular and clich√© as sports bars in middle America. But real speakeasies were nothing like the quaintly luxe interiors with bow-tied […]

Lyle Owerko’s Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

I had to share the incredible story of the GIANT anchor piece in our booth at Art on Paper by Lyle Owerko. I love the story of the artist living […]

I Love Loie

I probably write about Loie Fuller on every platform I’ve ever had, but I’m just so into her. I first saw this video at an Art Nouveau exhibition at the […]

You Can’t Polish a Turd- or Can You? Golden Goat Turds are a Thing.

I’ll be the first to admit that some art is just shit. But then there’s art that IS shit. Like Chris Ofili’s shitty Virgin Mary, and Piero Manzoni’s canned artist […]

Anthony McCall Five Minutes of Pure Sculpture

Anthony McCall’s Five Minutes of Pure Sculpture at Hamburger Bahnoff was one of my favorite exhibitions of 2012. Experiencing the immersive piece was totally meditative, I went in tense and […]

Inside Coco Chanel- an ad that works

Youtube ads generally piss me off to no end, but this Chanel ad with Coco Chanel’s biography is just beautiful, from the story to the black and white animation- I […]

Dali’s Desk

From the desk of Salvador Dali…

Voguing Will Never Die #standardtalks

I was overjoyed last week when Standard Talks decided to cover one of my favorite topics: VOGUING. Yes, voguing. Yes, I love it, but in all honesty I had NO […]

Transforming Space: Empowerment Through the Creative Process

Help beautify P371K by donating to its Indiegogo campaign. All information is below and you can find the link here: Transforming Space Through the Creative Process.¬† **PLEASE NOTE: The original […]

Support: Mutiny of Colors- Street art in Iran

As street art has erupted globally, more and more communities are rising with their own artists pushing limits. The documentary Mutiny of Colors: Peace, a message from Iran focuses on […]

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