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Doll Parts- the Work of Freya Jobbins

I am Doll eyes Doll mouth Doll legs I am Doll arms Big veins Dog bait Freya Jobbins recycles old dolls into new dolls from the depths of hell

Duchamp’s Peephole

If you’re near Philadelphia, make sure to see the epic collection of Marcel Duchamp work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art- especially the dirty/surprising Étant donnés: 1° la chute d’eau.  

Bjork is Art

Bjork is art in so many ways…love this spread

Zana Bayne- Ornamental Collection at NYFW

Yea, its fashion week, but I’m feeling lazy (actually just really busy) this year- but LOVING Zana Bayne’s Ornamental Collection. Sometimes fashion and art make me feel the same level […]

Robert Gober

Ben Eine in the Air with Virgin

Revisiting this crazy awesome project from 2013 in time for Ben Eine’s opening tomorrow!! As we all know Sir Richard Branson is a genius and we love his new Gallery […]

Elizabeth Winnel’s New Window at Brooklyn Fox

I’ve curated my second window at Brooklyn Fox just in time for Valentine’s Day, with my friend, the amazing artist Elizabeth Winnel. Check out her mock up- can’t wait to […]

Trong Nguyen + Sneakers

I WANT THESE! Artist/curator/editor of Art Slant/Work of Art guinea pig/awesome neighbor Trong Nguyen’s new collabo with Be&D makes me want to actually wear sneakers. Each high top has the […]

Jonathan Grassi Rethinks the Wedding Photo

Monday morning obsession: Jonathan Grassi‘s new wedding portrait series from the Madonna Inn. Sorry everyone, but the influx of wedding pics in my Facebook feed are kind of boring- but […]

Designer Creates Furniture that resembles Scribbles

Japanese designer Daigo Fukawa just released his series of furniture called “Rough Sketch Products” as his senior thesis exhibition at Tokyo University of the Arts. 

Made from bent wire and […]

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