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Arty Anita’s Way

Believe it or not, art is everywhere in Times Square. Anita’s Way, the covered passageway/plaza connecting the Condè Nast and Bank of America buildings, is regularly host of public art […]

Moveable Type

Many lobbies of corporations in New York feature art collections that are accessible to the public. The New York Times building commissioned a site specific piece for their Times Square […]

The Lexington Hotel’s Art Deco Splendor

Truth be told, I love when hotels get on the art bandwagon. The beautiful Lexington Hotel in Midtown East has just been given a Jazz Age makeover by dash design, […]

Warhol’s Silver Factory

This was the site of Warhol’s Factory from 1962-68. Rent was about $100 per YEAR! The building no longer exists- Warhol moved the factory to Union Sq West in 1968, […]

REACH- Subway Sounds

One of my favorite art installations in the city-The 34th Street Herald Square NR Subway station is one of the busiest in the city, other than 42nd Street. Most people […]

Sirshasana Chandelier

There’s something magical about Grand Central Station that gives me a nostalgic Christmasy feeling. Maybe its years of watching too many Turner Classic Movies, or maybe it’s the incredible Beaux […]

George Segal, The Commuters

George Segal, The Commuters

Ah, the Port Authority. As cleaned up as Manhattan has become, the bus station still reeks of a little sleaze. Maybe it’s the divey commuter bar, or the in house […]

The 300 Club- the Center of Culture in the 1920s

What is now the London Hotel on West 54th Street, was once the clandestine hang out of Clara Bow, Rudolph Valentino, Irving Berlin, Gloria Swanson, some Chryslers, Vanderbilts and Whitneys. […]

Athelstan Spilhaus Triangle Equinox

Not all sculptures are by artists- South African–American geophysicist and oceanographer Athelstan Spilhaus created the piece located at Rockefeller’s McGraw-Hill Building. Located in the sunken courtyard, the triangle sculpture is arranged so the Sun aligns […]

It’s No Love Sculpture

I always thought that Curved Cube was some sort of company insignia, not a sculpture. But obviously that isn’t the case, or I wouldn’t be writing about it now. Compared […]

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