Art Nerd City Guides: New York · Los Angeles

Beau Stanton’s Cursum Perficio mural


Beau Stanton‘s beautiful Cursum Perficio is the latest permanent mural to enliven the dwindling Little Italy neighborhood (which is slowly being swallowed up by Chinatown). The  L.I.S.A. Project (Little Italy […]

Flux-Hall Fluxus Shop


Inspired by John Cage’s experimental music of the 1950s and of the disdain for the bourgeois art world, the anti-art movement of Fluxus was born. The Fluxus art movement was […]

Confucius Bronze


I do love Chinatown. As smelly, and crowded it is, with fish being thrown everywhere and who knows what you just stepped in (NEVER wear opened toed shoes), it makes […]

Ron English’s Temper Tot


Could Ron English’s muscly Temper Tot be just the goon that Little Italy needs to threaten the bully Chinatown? The three story veiny kid looms over all who dare to […]

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