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New York’s rave days may be long over, but don’t tell that to Kenny Scharf’s basement. If you’re lucky enough to be invited to a party at the iconic artist’s East Williamsburg basement, make sure to stick to the Day-Glo dress code. Called the Cosmic Cavern, the space is Scharf’s neon fantasy come to life, and quite possibly his largest existing art installtion. Hanging from the ceilings, walls and floors are neon colored dolls, toys, kitchen utensils, plastic garbage, and furniture, intermixed with neon murals by Kenny Scharf. The room glows brightly with more black lights than my friend’s 30 year old brother’s room in his parents basement could ever dream of. When guests enter, their faces are painted with Day Glo paint by Kenny himself, letting everyone become one with the Cosmic Cavern. With disco pumping and people dancing, it feels as close to what I imagine New York in the early 80s was. Who: Kenny Scharf What: Cosmic Cavern Where: Undisclosed, East Williamsburg

We’re so sad this place is packed up and gone.  If you were lucky enough to be invited to a party at the iconic artist’s East Williamsburg basement, make sure […]

She’s So Unusual

Cyndi Lauper‘s She’s So Unusual is one of my favorite albums, and not just because I know every song by heart. The album artwork reeks of 80s New York history- […]

ROA Squirrel

Belgian artist ROA‘s black and white animal murals can be found across the world (and next to where I lived in Berlin). This large squirrel piece is on the side […]

Kenny Scharf’s Sunshine

A ray of sunshine amidst the sadness that can be at a hospital for kids, is Kenny Scharf’s smiling flowers and butterflies. Painted across a sprawling rotunda in 2011, Scharf’s […]

David Shillinglaw’s Toot on Brooklyn

British artist David Shillinglaw‘s pieces read like a song to me. Each time I look at them, I discover something new, a new layer, a new message, a new narrative, […]

Keith Haring’s Hospital Mural

What the hell is a 700 foot long Keith Haring mural doing in Woodhull Hospital? Believe it or not, the city’s Health and Hospitals Corporation once set aside a percentage […]

Nu Hotel’s Arty Sanctuaries

The world need more art hotels. Seriously, what an awesomely easy way to transform a boring old hotel into a vibrant and interesting space. Most art hotels I’ve seen gear […]

Chris Stain and Billy Mode Muralize Martha Cooper

The sprawling mural on the side of this Boerum Hill building brings to life a photograph taken by Martha Cooper on a corner in the neighborhood in 1978. Lead by artists […]

REVS Sculpture

Revs, Street art, DUMBO

In the early 1990s, reclusive graffiti legend REVS put his name up everywhere- huge white letters all over the city to New Jersey, some which still remain. But after an […]

Cotton Candy Machine

Congrats to Tara and Sean on the birth of their adorable baby, Ronan! Fans of the incredible illustrator, artist, teacher and rock-n-roll mama Tara McPherson will be in eye-candy heaven […]

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