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Dear Diary: Andy Bauch

I met Andy Bauch through a mutual friend on the internet. That is to say, I’ve never ‘met’ Andy Bauch. We posted an article about his work a couple of […]

PHOTOS In Process: Logan Hicks in Djerba

Most people see stencil artist Logan Hick’s finished products- photorealistic murals with intricate patterns. What they don’t realize is the intense process and multiple layers that make up each piece. […]

PHOTOS: Inside Elizabeth Winnel’s Northern and Southern Studios

Painter Elizabeth Winnel splits up her painting between studios in Savannah and the 1000 Islands- and sometimes New York. Prepping for an upcoming show at Brooklyn’s Cotten Candy Machine, Liz […]

PHOTOS Djerbahood: Tunisia Diaries of Logan Hicks

Logan Hicks, along with 149 other street artists, have been enlisted to turn a village on the island of Djerba into a desert outdoor art museum for an incredible project […]

Sneak Peak: Beau Stanton Does Stained Glass

Beau Stanton is gearing up for two mega shows in the UK this month- the first in the Crypt of Saint John the Baptist in Bristol opening September 25th, and […]

Dear Diary: Alex Diamond

Last year, I curated the most awesome George Hearts Maria show at heliumcowboy– and shared space with Alex Diamond. His next show will be in Berlin this summer during fashion […]

Dear Diary : Tamara Santibañez

Heavy metal mami chula is Tamara Santibañez‘s spot on way of describing herself. As a professional tattooer and artist, she gains inspiration from darker tattoo aesthetics and Paño art. Tamara was awesome enough […]

Dear Diary: Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos

This week’s Dear Diary has a new twist!  We asked the busy, tech savvy, French/Greek multimedia artist Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos to document her day and she gave us a bunch of instagrams […]

Dear Diary: Gordon Holden

One of our latest and greatest artist friends has graciously offered to share a day in his life!  Gordon Holden, whom we featured in a #getit / buy it now […]

Dear Diary: YAO XIAO

I met the super sweet Yao Xiao at a party at Molly Crabapple and Fred Harper’s place this past summer, we shared some chartreuse and talked art. I love her […]

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