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VIDEO: Colette’s 1973 Street Art in Soho

The amazing Colette makes street art in Soho in 1973

VIDEO: Antonia Wright, Be

In her performance, Be, Wright covered herself in in 15,000 honey bees while practicing the movements of Tai Chi. The piece is a visual metaphor for how we can remain […]

VIDEO: Mark John Smith on BBC

Looking forward to my studio visit tomorrow with British artist Mark John Smith. LOVE this segment on BBC- art for the people!

Guest writer Andrea Zlotowitz gives us her take on JR’s Les Bouquets at Tribeca Film Fest

The lovely Andrea Zlotowitz of ArtSlant and Nakid mag guests for us on JR’s Les Bouquets debut at Tribeca Film Fest. On the final day of the 14th annual Tribeca […]

VIDEO: The Weird of Jonathan Meese

I ┬ákinda hate Jonathan Meese but that doesn’t mean you have to. I’m all about equal opportunity here at Art Nerd.

VIDEO: Making Art with Gina Martynova

Loving this video that goes inside of the world of the┬ávery talented artist, Gina Martynova. Congratulations and enjoy! Check out Gina’s work here! Brass Brothers Films announce release of latest […]

VID: Angel of the North from way up

The massive Angel of the North by Antony Gormley sits perched ominously on a hill in Northern England. I love this GoPro vid that checks it out from a birdseye […]

VIDEO: Vivian Maier, New York’s Best Street Photographer You Never Knew

Photographer Vivian Maier was a modern version of the old famous-when-I’m-dead adage (if you could call it that). Maier worked as a nanny in New York City from the 1950s […]

VIDEO: Status Update by Katya Grokhovksy

Here’s a peek at my curatorial project at the Roger Smith Hotel- Status Update by Katya Grokhovksy. Stay tuned for more info on the opening reception later this month!  

VIDEO: I Can’t Wait! Bjork Releases Black Lake for her MoMA show next week

I thank my lucky stars daily for my access to art exhibitions and parties, and sometimes I’m just a little MORE thankful…like now, in anticipation for Bjork’s exhibition at MoMA […]

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