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VIDEO: Interview with Frank O’Hara

Lit Nerd Wednesday! I love when LitNerd and ArtNerd worlds collide. So many writers overlapped these scenes so it’s always a treat to find in-depth examples — below is an […]

VIDEO: Logan Hicks’ Bowery Wall Process TIME LAPSE

Today, Logan Hicks’ epic mural on the Bowery Wall will be removed for the next masterpiece. In case you weren’t around New York this past August to see the meticulous […]

VIDEO: Elmgreen and Dragset curate The Others in Berlin

I’m totally in love with Elmgreen & Dragset. I made a pilgrimage to the isolated town of Marfa, Texas to pose in front of their abandoned Prada store (aptly called […]

VIDEO: Annika Connor’s Let’s Go Blue

You may know my friend Annika Connor for her lurid romantic paintings, her book Point Suite Contemporary Art, or one of her many acting roles- but she’s also an active […]

VIDEO: Quiet Lunch on Ellannah Sadkin

Quiet Lunch Magazine hosted a great preview party last week for my show with Ellannah Sadkin and Gareb Shamus at The Pivot Gallery. If you don’t make it, and you […]

VIDEO: Swoon’s Dithyrambalina in New Orleans

I so wish I could have experienced Swoon’s gorgeous┬áDithyrambalina at the Music Box, a shanty town-like structure/sculpture that fused architecture, art and music. Basically,┬áthe shanty town could be played like […]

VIDEO: Jud Bergeron

Check out this cool vid of our friend Jud Bergeron, with music by Eric Minh Swensen and Jamie Arentzen!

VIDEO: Logan Hick’s Bowery Wall Teaser

NEXT ARTIST TO BE FEATURED AT HOUSTON BOWERY WALL WILL BE LOGAN HICKS Jessica Goldman Srebnick, CEO of Goldman Properties, has announced that the next artist whose work will grace […]

VIDEO: Bjork Mutual Core in Times Square

Bjork’s turn at Midnight Magic in 2013 was the coolest. Mutual Core made Times Square it’s bitch for the month of March last year- relive the magic below!

VIDEO: Terence Koh Gives Lady Gaga Some Pearls

I totally forgot that Terence Koh and Lady Gaga glued pearls on each other…

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