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Cannon’s Walk

More history than art, Cannon’s Walk is one of my favorite hidden New York history sites, that I want to share with you- so there! This historic buildings that line this alley behind the shops of South Street Seaport used to be perched on New York’s waterfront! During the late 1700s and early 1800s, this was where the East River met the shore, before Lower Manhattan was lengthened with ma-made landfill land.

This blows my mind- the quaint warehouses, still possessing architectural stars and containing giant wooden wheel-grainhoists, were once right on the water’s edge. I don’t find myself in the area much, but when I do, I push past the tourists going into Aerosoles or the other shops, back into the awkward Cannon’s Walk, which really is just an area between a few buildings, and just stand there, trying to figure it out. I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that less than a few hundred years ago, my feet would be dangling in the water.

Cool stuff.

What: Cannon’s Walk

Where: 19 Fulton Street, New York, NY 10038

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  1. @inhabitat says:

    obsessed that this exists- and was once NY’s waterfront. BLOWS MY MIND-Cannon’s Walk via @artnerdnewyork

  2. @Pocketopia says:

    Also, one of my favorite places to feel like I’ve traveled via a walk or metro card! Cannon’s Walk via @artnerdnewyork

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