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Camilla d’Errico X COASTAL= awesomely surreal shades

We loved artist+fashion colabos, and were totally thrilled when Coastal teamed up with Camilla d’Errico for a new line of surreal shades and glasses. Designed by Derek Cardigan, the playful frames pull elements from d’Errico’s Pop Surrealist portfolio, which includes her signature big-eyed girls (who would be perfect models for the glasses, no?) Her candy-colored palette and subtle brush strokes are translated into Cardigan’s collection, with his vintage shapes combined with d’Errico’s unique swirls of color and line. For the collection, d’Errico focused on four pieces- Xiomara, Water Wheel, Neo New York, and Loveless Bird, which Cardigan paired with each glasses style. Check em out! Who do you think should be next? Of course I’d love some Logan Hicks patterned sunglasses…just putting that out there!


Modeled by Naomi Huth!


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