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Calder’s Saurien

Perched underneath a cantilevered edge jutting out from the IBM Building on the corner of Madison and 57th, Alexander Calder’s bright orange sculpture stretches its legs across the building’s entrance, inviting visitors to walk around or under it- if they dare! Saurien,(which is French, “Saurian” in English) is a large reptile, and Calder’s is most certainly a dinosaur, with its stegosaurus-like spikes emerging from its 18-foot back.


Famous for his kinetic sculptural mobiles, Saurienis a fantastic example of Calder’s stoic work. Called stabiles, these abstracted sculptures stand strongly, firmly rooted to the ground. Made in the artist’s studio in Roxbury, Connecticut in 1975, Saurien holds court on this busy corner, giving a roar to visitors to the IBM building.

Who: Alexander Calder

What: Saurien

Where: 590 Madison Avenue at 57th Street, 10022


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  1. This Calder stabile reminds me of the sculptures in Beetlejuice

  2. Calder’s Saurien: Although I’m more of a fan of his mobiles, this Alexander Calder stabile on Madison Avenue is …

  3. @awmyl says:

    dope public art in #NYC by Alexander Calder via @artnerdnewyork

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  6. Addy says:

    Do you know if this has been removed, or moved somewhere else? I went to go look at it the other day and couldn’t find it!

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