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Buenos Dias Buenos Aires!

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We are very excited to be spreading our Art Nerd wings south of the border to Buenos Aires with our newest column, “Buenos Dias Buenos Aires”. And as a recent transport to Buenos Aires from New York City, I could not think of a better way to experience my new home then to be here representing Art Nerd and familiarizing myself with the dynamic art scene in this lively town. Buenos Aires is filled with artists, musicians, dancers, visionaries and the like; the creatively minded seem to flock to this mysterious yet welcoming place. Now I’ve only been here for a little over a month, but I’ve already learned that not only is this town culturally diverse, but due to the current more liberal government a budding artistic movement is on the rise.

As we continue to examine the underpinnings of what makes this city tick, we will be feeding our curiosity and delving deeper into understanding how politics and art in this town overlap, and how this overlap influences creative trends and cultural happenings. The streets here are an obvious reflection of the city’s creative passions and hot bed of talent, and we look forward to introducing ArtNerd readers to Buenos Aires from our point of view. As our excitement builds, we want yours to be brewing as well so we put together this image gallery as a sneak peak of what’s to come.

martin ron, murals buenos aires, buenos aires street art, buenos dias buenos aires
Mural from artist Martin Ron in Holmberg y Rivera, Buenos Aires.

Mariel Breuer at Julio Cortázar at the Museo nacional de bellas artes
Mariel Bruer from La Curandera Revista de Arte and Cocó Muro guide visitors through exhibit about Julio Cortázar at the Museo Nacional de Dellas Artes.

art buenos aires, street art buenos aires, buenos dias buenos aires
Mart Aire grinning big at his closing exhibition in San Telmo Buenos Aires.

darin wixon from vice gallery at closing of mart aire
Vice Gallery curator Darin Wixon hanging out at Mart Aire’s closing exhibition in San Telmo Buenos Aires.

la boca art district, buenos aires art district
Meeting of the minds!  Cayetano Vicentini, Luis Enrique Valles, Margarita Romero and others discuss the development of Buenos Aires new arts district at Caffarena 86 in La Boca.

la boca art district, buenos aires art district
Mural on the roof of Caffarena 86 in La Boca.

Magdalena Petroni, Julim Rosa
Installation entitled “Words on a Wing,” from the girls of La Sin Futuro.

art buenos aires, street art buenos aires, buenos dias buenos aires
Ramiro Smith Estrada in his studio with friends Magdalena Petroni of La Sin Futuro and Darin Wixon of the Vice Gallery.

eggo art fair in centro cultura recoleta
Blue haired ladies pimping their style at the opening of Eggo Art Fair in Centro Cultura in Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

darin wixon,
Darin Wixon and friends at the opening of the Eggo Art Fair in Dentro Cultura in Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

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